3 Best Game Server Hosting Platforms for Everyone

Gaming is changing rapidly and requires more computing power than ever before!

Computing is affordable, that’s the good news!

You don’t have to limit your gaming experience to your home. For a multiplayer game, you don’t need to play by yourself. You can invite your friends or bring them to your home.

Video gaming is now a popular social activity. People can connect online and form teams to play video games. It is possible to be part of a global gaming community with similar interests. Multiplayer games that allow for role-playing are becoming increasingly popular. This explains why Counter-Strike is so beloved, as well as Starbound, Ark and other multiplayer games.

There are many types of games that allow people to play together in different genres, styles and content.

These games must be hosted on a dedicated game server.


Let’s see!

Renting a server is a great option for game enthusiasts who want to explore the deeper depths of gaming and play with others around the world without interruptions or lags.

It can cause game performance and speed to deteriorate, as well as sudden crashes and downtimes. This is because many people would use the same server and the same resources.

These high-end games need a powerful server to ensure smoother gameplay.

Computer and network problems can also happen at any moment. It can ruin your gaming mood.

  • Fixing blocked router ports,
  • It is difficult to manage many players.
  • Security issues and many more.

These skills and knowledge are not available to everyone.

To avoid all of these problems, save your time and avoid frustrations, you will need a game server platform.

A dedicated server is a group of powerful servers that allows users to modify their games to a large extent, play different versions of their favourite game, and invite their gaming friends from other locations.

Hosting dedicated servers for gaming has many other benefits:

  • Performance optimized with SSDs and advanced processors
  • High traffic
  • Increased flexibility in bandwidth and uptime
  • No overheating issues
  • One to one or group chats with smooth voice.
  • Rapid support at reasonable rates
  • Many plugins, mods and gaming environments are supported
  • Switching games is possible and the control panels are easy to use


Find a good gaming server hosting solution that will host your games and provide all the benefits.

We have created the following list to help you decide which one has the best pricing and features.


ScalaCube, a well-known name in the game server hosting industry, is an excellent choice. It rents servers to host Minecraft and Minecraft PE. ScalaCube allows unlimited traffic without throttling.

Traffic will always be at the optimum bandwidth, regardless of how much it is downstream or upstream. For your gaming server, you have the option of SSD or HDD storage. The SSD storage is faster and more convenient if you have to frequently access your server data.

For uninterrupted gaming, they guarantee 99.9% server availability. You also get unlimited Minecraft server hosting, multiple plugins and mod support.

FTP support is available, as well as instant setups. You also get multiple plugins and mods, and DDoS protection to protect other games. They start at $2.5 per month.


HostHavoc, another well-known name in game server hosting solutions, is also a popular choice. The game servers have advanced features and are updated regularly with mods and new game updates. HostHavoc allows you to select from over 25 different games.

It includes popular ones like ARK: Survival Evolved, 7 Days to Die, Arma 3, Counter-Strike: GO, Garry’s Mod, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Minecraft, PixARK, Rust, Space Engineers, Squad, Terraria, etc. HostHavoc allows you to quickly set up your favorite game servers.

NVMe SSDs and enterprise-level servers are the key to all game server’s high performance. You have complete control over your game server, with simple management, advanced settings and easy configuration.

HostHavoc allows you to switch between games without paying any additional fees. It supports mods, plugins and third-party APIs. It boasts 10 data centers on 3 continents and a well-established high-capacity network.

You will enjoy a reliable network with 99.9% uptime, stable servers performance, and true redundancy. HostHavoc offers DDoS protection and daily backups. It also provides 24/7 support with a response time of 15 minutes. There is also a 3-day guarantee for your money back. Apart from credit cards and PayPal, you can also make payments in cryptocurrency.


Cloudzy’s Signature Hosting Solutions will allow you to launch your own gaming servers.

You can choose from Linux or Windows operating systems. A game hosting solution can be purchased with extremely high bandwidth, NVMe storage and 1 Gbps connection speeds. Basic plans start at $7.95 per month.

Cloudzy provides next-gen servers at global data centers in 15+ countries for minimal latency. Cloudzy offers more than 30 games at no additional cost. You can set up and manage your own gaming server for Minecraft and ARK, Rust and Counter-Strike. You can enjoy a fast, low-lag gaming experience thanks to their top-tier infrastructure that is turbocharged with NVMe SSD or KVM technology.

You can play securely and comfortably with their smart firewall and DDoS protection. They offer hosting solutions specifically designed for online gaming.

Cloudzy has many server locations in North America, Europe and East Asia. This makes it ideal for gamers who live in these areas.